About Lifechek Drug

05-05-2014_12-41-14_Lifechek_LogoEstablished in 1990 after its founder Bruce Gingrich earned his pharmacy degree, Lifechek Drug has grown into the nation’s largest independently-owned pharmacy chain, from a single Texas location to a chain of more than 30 outlets, primarily in Texas. Noted for superior customer service and local delivery in most locations, Lifechek Drug becomes in integral part of the community wherever it opens an outlet.

Lifechek Drug’s business model differed significantly from its competitors’ in that until 2010, only four of its outlets offered any retail products at all, with the remainder providing only prescription services. In 2010, though, the firm changed its practice to expand retail operations. Today, all of its outlets have retail space.

Currently, Lifechek Drug is seeking to expand its service is by transforming its outlets to compounding pharmacies. Instead of simply distributing pre-formulated and often prepackaged medications, compounding pharmacies custom-blend medications on site to meet a doctor’s specifications for each customer, especially for topical medications. Compounding pharmacies prepare small, localized doses of medication that generally have no side effects. The use of hypoallergenic bases adds to the appeal of compounded prescriptions. Gingrich anticipates that Lifechek will do significant business with dermatologists, podiatrists, orthopedists, and even primary care physicians.


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